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is declining will once again to 12 percent when the four years ago before the recession michigan and mississippi where the only state the pop with unemployment above 6% with an june 20091 nevada and michigan docked at plan presented with california's at problems and would it will take another five years and recover >> some encouraging news on the job front macy's said it plans on hiring 80 wells seasonal workers isn't that is 4 percent more the last year it will work in retail stores and feeling orders online >> >> were looking outside at bay bridge mckenzie pretty clear conditions out of oakland into san francisco you may have pettifog along the coast line at it will the quick profit on the we see some light pictures temperatures in the '80s and low 90s cannot own land spots and dwigh. still holding twosomes '60s when back closer to the coastline is still in the fifties and one as we head into the afternoon that temperatures are going to stop what sort todaone solar today with we're going to see upper 80s and 900 this is a look of your temperatures some for later on this afterno
to the university of michigan. >> do you give credit for a.p. test scores? >> reporter: a walk around the ivy colored walls. this is how schools like the university of michigan put their best foot forward to attract new students. >> this area is called the diad. >> reporter: from the cafeteria food to the dorm rooms. >> this is your pretty average size student double. >> reporter: it's a full blown sales job, start to finish. >> see this big building here the michigan student union. >> reporter: first impressions generally come from school websites which offer the basics on how many students are enrolled, what type of specialty is offered and social activities, and the big one for parents, how much does it cost? how much of a factor is financial aid, scholarship, all of those money decisions? >> well, it's huge certainly, needs-based scholarships and academic scholarships certainly play a big part in any decision. >> reporter: to narrow is down students and their families visit an average of three or four schools. >> there's college students walking around and it just feels like a campus. >>
, michigan, y e producaída debolsas promedio 3 dólares y 98 io a u centav mayo pasado, s prevé qu a 3 dólares25 ntavos por galón, para el m , y prepárese para decir h la vista baby cuenta nos bancos las ofrecen, hace dos años, el 76% d cuentas de cheques eran gratis, es año, sólo el 45%,mientras tanto,os bancos incr cargos a cuentas que en promedio es de 4 dólares al mes. desde nueva york, del cielo una mortal bola de fuego, dónde, y es señal de buena suerte. ¿verdad? soy la mala suerte y en cualquier momento podría cruzarme en tu camino. pero si eres un conductor precavido... ♪ podrías evitar un accidente... y ser recompensado. [ locutor ] sólo allstate te recompensa por manejar con precaución con el cheque del bono de conductor precavido®. no busques más. llama a un agente de allstate y recibe más. >>> una mistebola de fuego, cayó en el cielo, en la capital argentincobrando la dejando a 8 heri cayó como una ó que dó dos vivien tres vehículos, no seabe fumeteorito, o chatarra espacil, llego fin gracias por el privilegio, nos mo
with a few showers on thursday the wind will run down the length of lake michigan and feed rainshowers into chicago friday friday night and saturday even as those western suburbs clear out to get some frost over the weekend ... some areas will get another inch of rain at the beginning of this weekend and looking at the temperatures ... it is warmer to the north of us in saskatchewan and ontario than it is here in chicago but that will change ... the wind in the city is relatively common right now but there will be gusts occurring the daytime high is nine degrees below normal it's more likely it october. the high-temperature today 62 degrees is a 40 percent chance that a thunderstorm popping up somewhere in the metropolitan area tomorrow will be mostly cloudy with morning fog and drizzle and sporadic rains throughout the day with the high temperatures 67 degrees. it will be 57 friday and saturday it's time now for today's trivia which officer in the u.s. army is nicknamed a full bird this one works. ooh, the price sure doesn't. i'm tired of shopping around. [ sigh ] too bad you
's already another case pending in the supreme court. that is one that came out of michigan, the sixth circuit court of appeals, which said the obama care is fine, they upheld the law. so now you have potentially two cases. it would seem very likely then that the supreme court would take the case up this term. >> does it matter which case they take up? i mean, i guess it matters in the case of do you defend or do you go against the one decision or defend what are the court rulings. >> my guess is that the supreme court would take both of them and do what they call consolidating them. in other words, sort of roll them all up into one big ball and say let's look at both decisions here. now, by the way, we're assuming that the supreme court would take the case. let me just say -- >> why wouldn't they? >> there are other cases pending. there's one in washington in the federal circuit. there's sort of a late to the party issue here, which is is the way to look at this say it's a tax and if p there is a tax, there's a federal law that says you can't challenge a law that would -- >> delay to
of michigan, his best friend, and those of us devoted to him in the haight ashbury area, who appreciated his steadfast activism and ability to really push buttons. i am sure that arthur will be missed. the next in memoriam is one i gave attention to a couple of days after it happened. the family is not getting the attention necessary. on july 17, a 20-year-old was shot to death outside his hayes valley home. this might have been one of the stories people scanned by in the newspaper if it was not for his family and friends. the seven tepees family organization deals with young offenders. they are stepping forward to make sure he is not forgotten and does not become another statistic on the homicide list. going june 16, 1991, he was one of the seven tepees success stories. he graduated from high school and was preparing to move to college in los angeles this month. he worked at abercrombie and fish as manager -- and fitch as manager. nothing got to him. employees remember him as a happy guy. he leaves behind his young son, three younger siblings, and his loving mother, who i have talked to sin
the lower lake michigan, milwaukee, chicago, also some thunderstorms down towards jackson, mississippi, may see some of that spreading out across the northeast from eastern texas, extending back through central and southeastern georgia. there's a look at it across the country. seattle dealing with showers. there it's super early, here it's just "way too early". >> todd, thank you very much. let's turn to sports, the a.l. wild card race coming down to the wire. the rays entering last night a single game behind the red sox. game tied at two. johnny damon comes through with a big single to right scoring b.j. upton. rays take a 3-2 lead. to the fifth. look at the catch by desmond jennings. wow. jeter, a deep flyball. jennings lays out to make a sno-cone catch. the rays beat the yankees, 5-2. with the rays win, all the red sox have do is beat the orioles to hang on that their one-game lead. lowery hits a home run to right field. sox up a run there. baltimore comes back. in the sixth, endino hits a ball. jacobi ellsbury looks like he made the catch, then hits the wall, drops the ball. endino goin
of francis and michigan's street. i just noticed it for the first time -- at the corner of one street. thank you for that. it is really a wonderful testament to what our neighborhood is about. eric, who i do not seen here with us, who has done an amazing work over the years across san francisco. he is a native of this area and has been a resident for many years. he highlights people's struggles and raising awareness for social consciousness. daron, thanks for being here. he has roots in social activism. he is a muralist and teacher, currently a lead instructor at a youth based arts program in the mission. he has nearly all of the way throughout california and down into mexico. also, folks we may not have won four. dan, he worked on another project. nico, your children? great. he has merrill's all over the world, including in gonna and west africa. there is an avid skateboarder and designer. thank you for your work in our district, and ethan is also a contributor to the project. i just want to say thank you so much for your work. we'll be showcasing many of these artists in my office today af
we should make of the latest numbers. >> reporter: in their ferndale, michigan, home, ray and brianna scott are underwater. deep underwater. >> it's terrible. it's... it's not the way it should be. >> reporter: six years ago, they bought the house they're raising their two sons in for $132,000. but we have been a slight increase in value in recent months, it's now worth only about $80,000. >> we're $50,000, roughly, in the hole. we're probably never going to get that back. >> reporter: not at this race. the case shiller survey found in 18 of 20 metropolitan areas, house prices have declined over the past year. only detroit and washington, d.c. have seen slight gains. what will it take for the housing to get bet recovery? >> why is there going to be a housing recovery? >> reporter: economist robert shiller, co-founder of the case shiller index, has tracked home values back to 1890. >> home prices are not high anymore but they're not low by historical standards. so if confidence were to slip more home prices could fall further. >> reporter: shiller's chart shows that, leaving out the ho
into the conversation, i want to show a little moment here. governor romney and his wife were at an event in michigan. i'm going to call this no disrespect to anybody intended. i'm sure some will be taken, al gore like. >> you want a better kiss than that? >> no, no, no. >> we're not going to do an al gore moment. >> we bring that out not just because it's cute video, kevin, you saw the horse race numbers that perry, romney -- if you break it down there's a gender gap in the republican field. among men, 35% of republican men say perry. 18% say romney. among women, 26% say romney and 22% say perry. why do we have a gender gap? >> well, i think one of the -- erick made this point earlier, as people start to learn more about governor perry, some of the issues that are not very helpful to him with women voters have come to the forefront. namely, the hpv vaccine. for mothers out there with daughters that were forced to have an inoculation, they may see that as something they don't agree with, and something they reject. i also think there's a point where governor romney, many voters have started to gravitate
6%. california's the 5.8%, in june of 2009 when the recession officially ended, nevada and michigan top 12%. now, nevada is still over 12 percent and so is california. last week, the economist at ucla said that some sections of the state may not see a recovery for another five years. >> some encouraging news on the national job front, macy's says that it plans on hiring nearly 8000 seasonal workers this holiday season that is about 4 percent more than last year. the new hires who were both in the retail stores and filling on my orders. the death of a cancer patient in the east bay is being called a tragic accident. this as multiple agencies now launch investigations into the case. it happened here, in oakland, the hospital management said the patient died because of a medical error. while she was under the care of a replacement worker, the hospital has been using temporary nurses after a one day strike last week that led to a lockout. this is a picture of the patient her name is judith, she was being treated at the open facility for an undisclosed type of cancer. teresa estacio rep
? >> there is indeed a rebound. even though you see michigan has above average unemployment, some of the other areas of the midwest, you see unemployment near or even below the national average. that's being driven by manufacturing. >> ifill: actually something is coming back. it's just not now. other places are feeling the back wash of the same issues we've been talking about. >> that's right. >> ifill: okay. dante, the increased foreclosures, it seems to me in some way they must deal with some of the numbers we've been hearing about increased poverty. is there a connection? >> well i think that the increased foreclosures i'm not sure how much they're leading to increased poverty numbers but they're leading to the increased unemployment numbers. i think that it's hard for people to understand. foreclosures are bad in a lot of ways. they're a huge psychological factor in how you spend money. i go to these communities and visit them. you had an entire economy that was built on housing. so i did like carpent rework and somebody else did hvac work. we made a lot of money during the boom and we were tra
had five play 8%. in june of 2009 the recession in nevada in michigan top 12%. now, still over 12 percent sos california. the last week a car list said that some parts of the state may not see a recovery for another five-year. >> some encouraging numinous could jump from three tillerman she says that it hopes to our city-- and it doesn't. member and controversial bakes' ellis taking place tomorrow i will tell you why the college's republican group is putting on the visit after the break. >> and normal weather expected to most of the week but this weekend in chance of showers are well full forecast coming of a just a few minutes. [ cow mooing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no need to produce foods yourself to be sure they're 100% natural. ♪ now there's open nature foods from safeway. no preservatives, no artificial anything. all within budget. a wide choice of natural foods that meet your high standards. ♪ open nature. only at safeway. off of all the prices. >> the current and want to denounce a beals as to be 185 that will allow california's public universities to consi
cast the votes. >> four years ago, we said together that michigan seemed to be enduring a one state recession. president obama said he'd change that. he has. now all the states are enduring a recession. >> let me share something with you, i will draw a sharp contrast between president obama and myself. [ applause ] >> bret: before the break, our question of the day asked you will new jersey governor chris christie run for presidency in 2012. 23% said yes, 77% of you said no. back with the panel. we're going to talk in this panel about the current crop of candidates. and the florida straw poll this weekend, big surprise to many, herman cain getting 37% of the vote. rick perry came in second with 15%. mitt romney in third place with 14%. we talk a lot about straw polls. michele bachmann winning the iowa straw poll. ron paul won in california. herman cain endorsed by dennis miller. getting a lot of attention. a big splash in florida. says he is the guy to take it forward. >> i don't think that the bulk of people who voted, the bulk of delegates in florida who voted in that poll believe
are far from anointing a front-runner. on sunday after appearing at another straw poll in michigan perry was crushed by top rival mitt romney who grew up in the state. after his lackluster debate performance, perry reportedly told party leaders he was tired but conservative insiders are actively trying to find another candidate to get in the race. several have reached out to new jersey governor chris christie who so far has flatly rejected invitations to jump in. >> i said, what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running? >> reporter: as for rick perry, scott, his stumbles particularly hurt at this time because he's out there crisscrossing the country, meeting potential donors and trying to persuade them to give some big-time money for his new campaign. >> reporter: jan, thank you very much. there has been another major breach of security around the u.s. embassy compound in kabul, afghanistan. today one american was killed, another wounded when a gunman opened fire inside the c.i.a. station there. two weeks ago, the embassy was under siege for more than 20 hours
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. but the centers of my story are two small time criminal defense attorneys who work on michigan street. and if you get accused of a crime, those are the people you want to call. >> that's my approach. and they're both former public defenders, right? >> yes, they are. they are both former public defenders here in san francisco. without giving away too much of the story, there may be a return at some point to that particular office where they would, of course, be working for you. >> anytime. [laughing] there seems to be such a huge disconnect, you know, between what you see on tv and even what you read about. most of the tv shows like "law & order" you have a judge who's eminently fair, a prosecutor who is completely ethical, a defense attorney who doesn't show up half the time. these images really result -- i know this as a public defender, because the portrayals of public defenders are usually negative. why? i ask this to the entire panel. why is there such a disconnect between the reality of what really happens in our court and the way that many americans are force fed, really, this mythology? to
specially to the west where storms are popping up. a big swirl of clouds over southern lake michigan which is the storms sending these bronze into the mid-atlantic region and drawing more straw out of the gulf of mexico keeping it warm. until this pressure can pass laws, which may not happen until the weekend, we will be in this unsettled weather pattern. tomorrow will be justike today, mix of cloud, some sun, scattered showers, highs of 74- 79. the rain chance for any one particular spot in our area, about 40%. when that the southeast tomorrow with waves around one flood. look at the way the temperatures trend downward, the cooler weather coming in from the west that will invade the entire state over the upcoming weekend. 70's on the eastern shore with a thunderstorm. the lower eastern shore, the risk of a storm tomorrow with a few scattered -- scattered storms on thursday. it looks like great football weather for the ravens if we can get to the weekend. amex showers with upper 70's and money, 20% chance on friday. most of the drag -- most of the day will be dry. a mixture of clouds and s
of lake michigan. it was all caught on video. this is right near marquette university. meteorologists say the water spouts are common in this region this time of year because the water is warmer than the air. pretty amazing. >> you used to have to travel to israel to take a look at the dead sea scrolls at the museum where they were held. now you can visit them yourself online from home. google took a high resolution camera and photographed five of the scrolls. you can look it up by chapter, column and verse. amazing what you can do with the dead sea scrolls. it doesn't substitute for church on sunday. >> is it cooler to see them in person, do you think? >> i think it would be kind of a spiritual experience to see them e in person. i hear people who go to the holy land and want to be rebaptized where john the baptist baptized jesus. >> can i see it in different languages? >> it's in hebrew and english now. >> and it's not just the language. it's so high resolution you can experien experience visually what the dead sea scroll is. >> you can sea the tears and the paper is worn. >> if you wat
stupak the congressman from michigan, and pro-life guy and twisted and turned himself into houdini to be able to get in the box and vote for it and then didn't he lose? >> he retired, he retired. >> made the decision and retired and took one-- >> he knew-- >> no, no, decided not to run because his family had death threats. >> and we'll have more on "the five" right after this. ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." today, dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor was in court and under investigation on his bart of michael jackson's death. and take a listen played by prosecutors, and this is michael jackson's voice and by the way jackson's parents and kids were in court while this was going on, take a listen: >> all right. let me correct that. it wasn't his kids in court. jackson's parents and siblings in court, but, guys, this really shows how bad michael jack was. and by the way, this is the doctor's tapes. >> that's what you just saw is, remember the commercial, this is or the ad, this is your brain on drugs, that's why i was so scared to do drugs and look what happens. that was
romney this past weekend won the michigan straw poll. we talked about the florida tra poll earlier where herman cain won. a point i want to make in the last five weeks there have been five straw polls and a different person won each. cain, santorum, bachmann. do straw polls matter? >> no, they don't matter. romney won in won of his home state is a big piece of political news there. i don't understand why he went up there. you can race more money in the presidential campaigns. i've done it. in straw polls chasing things that are meaningless. this thing in florida is meaningless in a week. the g.o.p. chairman ought to be meaningless in a week. can i talk about donald trump? he is a nice guy. but why we give attention to this guy, why the people are -- if he is giving them a lot of money i understand why you see him. >> dana: i don't think he is. >> bob: then why do it? >> bob: he gets media attention. his voice has some weight. >> kimberly: i agree. >> bob: why? he might as well come to see you. >> dana: that would be great. >> kimberly: come on down. >> greg: like the weird soccer parent
that has been stuck over wisconsin, illinois, and michigan. it is weakening, but it continues to spin. and because of that spin, the flow here in the eastern half of the united states continues to bring in this tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico. it's like being along the louisiana coast. because of that same moisture. to the north, quite a bit of activity. as you can see, across maryland, pretty good stuff. southwest of us, a nice, dry slot. hopefully we'll get into that tomorrow. but we still have that front that has to move through the region. so we'll still be stuck with a risk of more scattered showers on wednesday and again on thursday before it really dries out. and the forecast tonight. shower activity. spotty but anybody can see heavy activity. 65 and look out for fog in the morning. again. and then clouds, sunshine. maybe another shower or thundershower tomorrow afternoon. same thing for thursday before i think it finally gets out of here sometime friday. >> just say uncle. please. [ laughter ] >>> still to come tonight on eyewitness news. >>> the toxic smoke could be
won a michigan straw poll this weekend. he won ohio in july. in new hampshire he won in january. mr. santorum won his home state of pennsylvania, as well as south carolina. michele bachmann won ames, iowa. if straw polls meant winning that state, if he meant electoral college votes, these would be the standings. among the republican presidential contenders right now. maybe that's the way it is. maybe that's exactly how the republican nomination contest is going to play out. ron paul and herman cain duking it out down to the wire. if you believe that, keep using up all that shoe leather and pixels and all that breath covering republican party fund-raisers. i mean, straw polls. because of their great predictive value and all the important information they give us the presidential race. or, we could all agree to treat these things as what we all know they are. cooked-up publicity stunts to get media attention and use it as leverage to force the candidates to pander to the most manipulative and cynical activists in the political system. oh, and to raise money for republican parties and
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surveys of confidence and the ones that i tend to follow most frequently is the michigan survey. the michigan survey has gone down in terms of showing consumer confidence and keeps going down. it correlates a little bit with some of the actions in congress. there was a sense maybe that one of the dip in consumer confidence had to do with the impasse over the debt ceiling and some of the wrangling in congress. you would maybe think that effect would be diminished now in people's minds. we have not seen a big resurgence of confidence. confidence is important because monetary policy works through the development and setting of expectations. if you have a sense that things are going to be bad and are going to stay bad and are never going to return to the way of life that you have come to expect, you will engage in denver kinds of behaviors. you may not spend if you have a sense that you're going to lose your jobs or your income is not going to go up. it may affect how you make your spending decisions. you can see in that scenario that confidence could be at such a low that they coul
to succeed. 17-year-old ray of michigan says that teachers who go the extra mile have the biggest impact on students of the 21st century. >> one teacher i had, he would even on the weekends -- that's how they tutored. tutored on skype and facebook chat. >> ann curry moderated the discussion noting a government stat that a student drops out every 26 seconds in this country. stephanie torres, now 22, studying on her own for a ged left because there was no support. >> working in the supermarket. i couldn't get any other job. if i wasn't given that option of not going to school and forced to go to school and had somebody supporting me, whether it be my mom or teacher or coach, it would have made a big difference in my life. >> reporter: it is important for teachers and policymakers to know not every student will go to college. they say kids are hurt when they learn to pass tests rather than learn for the sake of knowledge. >> we are not critically thinking on each question. we are going to each question and going okay, i read this last night. let me mark this one because i know that this one
for so long. i came from michigan. we were the first english speaking government in the world back in the 1800s to eliminate the death penalty. we haven't had it sense. it's barbaric, it doesn't prevent crime. it doesn't act as a deterrent. >> but the key thing about it is if they can guarantee that every single person was 100% guilty, that's one argument, but i've read a statistic this morning 17 people who were on death row have had their sentences commuted because dna, fresh fresh evidence, acquitted them of the crimes. they would have all potentially -- >> been killed. >> been killed. and that becomes a form of state legislative murder. >> that is correct. murder in our name. >> another 112 had their sentences commuted from death row. when you see that volume of people who were clearly innocent of these crimes. >> right. >> that to me is the end of the debate, isn't it? >> it should absolutely be the end of the debate. for people to applaud texas like that i saw a sign somebody was holding, i think it was actually just down at the protest that said, if corporations are now cons
two years ago. the trial set to start next month in michigan. the suspect here faces life in prison and remember, he's acting as his own lawyer, which is inif i nately complicated. mike tobin live. what happened in court today? >> shep, he was unsuccessful, arguing compelling evidence be kept from the jury. a model of the underwear bomb, he said that shouldn't be presented to the jury, as well as a video, which you mentioned demonstrating what the explosion would have been like if the underwear bomb had been detonated successfully. both of those he argued, would bias the jury. the judge ruled it's admissible. he argued that a martyr video he made before he set off on his mission, if you will, not be shown to the jury because non-muslims wouldn't understand it. same thing for an al-qaeda video and magazine article, praising him for his ability to get around western security. the judge ruled the jurors can see it all, shep. >> shep: and they did some work today on jury selection, right? >> they did some preliminary screening of the jurors and got some very interesting comments from th
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